Craft Masters from the South Pacific – 2023

Sandra Black accepting her award at the Ceramic Arts Association of WA Christmas party, November 2023

World Crafts Council Australia is very proud to share news of the practitioners from the South Pacific who have been officially honoured with the title of Craft Masters of the Asia Pacific Region.

In November 2023, a jury meeting was held in Dongyang, China. Over four days, regional nominations from Central Asia, South Pacific, South Asia, West Asia, South East Asia and East Asia were reviewed and discussed by an 11-person jury representing all these regions. The jury process enabled jurors to see and glimpse the complexity, skill and traditions that underpin craft practices across the Asia Pacific.

The World Crafts Council Asia Pacific Region (WCC-APR) concluded the 4th Asia Pacific Region Craft Master Program, hosted in the vibrant city of Dongyang, China. The event, organised by the Municipal People’s Government of Dongyang City and the China Arts and Crafts Association, witnessed the gathering of craft enthusiasts, experts, and artists from around the world. The Asia Pacific Region Craft Master Program, initially launched in 2008 for China only, has expanded its coverage to the entire region, honouring craftsmen with over 30 years of professional practice for their outstanding contributions to the development of crafts. The final jury meeting, held from November 5 to 7, reviewed 66 pre-selected entries from six sub-regions of the Asia-Pacific region.

An international jury, consisting of 11 members, evaluated each application based on five
endorsement criteria: extraordinary contribution to field, sustainable practice, international
recognition, continuous learning, and international collaboration.

The jury was very interested in the aspects of intangible cultural heritage and passing on knowledge that otherwise might be lost through your art practice.

The South Pacific winners were:

South Pacific
Greg Daly (Australia – Ceramics)
Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello (Australia – Glass)
Kaetaeta Watson & Louisa Humphry (New Zealand / Kiribati – Fiber Crafts)
Kirstie Rea (Australia – Glass)
Liz Williamson (Australia – Weaving)
Marian Hosking (Australia – SilverSmithing)
Mary Dhapalany (Australia – Fiber Crafts)
Prue Venables (Australia – Ceramics)
Sandra Black (Australia – Ceramics)

Masters from other regions are:

South-East Asia
Anna India A.Delacruz – Legaspi (the Philippines – Textile crafts)
Bangie Anak Embol (Malaysia – Weaving)
Dudung Alie Syahbana (Indonesia – Batik)
F.M. Widayanto (Indonesia – Ceramics)
Michael Lim Tiang Ek (Malaysia – Batik & Fiber Art)
Meechai Taesujariya (Thailand – Weaving)
Kongthong Nanthavongdouangsy (the Laos – Weaving)

South Asia
Gitesh Chandra Das (Bangladesh – Reed weaving)
Gopendro Nath Chokroborti (Bangladesh – Spongewood craft)
Mamtaz Begum (Bangladesh – Embroidery)
Mahesh Jangid (India – Woodcarving)
Muhammad Wajid (Pakistan – Ceramics)
M.Wasantha Jayasekara (Sri Lanka – Bamboo Crafts)
Manorama Dewmini Kolabage (Sri Lanka – Bobbin Lace)

West Asia
Amin Soltankhah (Iran – Painting by Burning (pyrography))
Mansour Hafezparast (Iran – Repousse and Chasing)
Saro Mkrtchian (Iran – Silver Engraving)
Fatemeh Seyedi (Iran – Embroidery)
Mohammad Binava (Iran – Gold-thread Weaving)
Behrouz Seifollahi (Iran – Painting on Leather)
Dadash Mehravary Solut (Iran – Glass painting)
Saeed Pouzesh (Iran – Woodcarving)

Central Asia
Kulzhay Khusman (Kazakhstan – Embroidery)
Serik Rysbekov (Kazakhstan – Jewelry)
Abdunabi Toshtemirov (Uzbekistan – Weaving)
Muhammadali Yunusov (Uzbekistan – Woodcarving)
Masudjon Madaliyev (Uzbekistan – Metal Art)
Rakhmon Toirov (Uzbekistan – Ceramics Restoration))
Sakhodat Fayzieva (Uzbekistan – Embroidery)
Zukhro Obloberdieva (Uzbekistan – Embroidery)
Sukhrob Saidov (Tajikistan – Ceramics)

East Asia
BAO Zhiqiang (China – Redware pottery)
CHEN Ajin (China – Swordsmith)
CHEN Shuiqin (China – Embroidery)
DUAN Guoliang (China – Woodcarving)
FANG Wentao (China – Sculpture)
GU Shaopei (China – Redware pottery)
KONG Xiangqing (China – Ceramics)
LI Wenyue (China – Ceramics)
LI Yan (China – Embroidery)
LU Guanghua (China – Bamboo weaving)
PAN Deyue (China – Metal craft)
PENG Zushu (China – Micro engraving)
RAO Xiaoqing (China – Ceramics)
SHAN Xiumei (China – Fabric sculpture)
SHE Guoping (China – Woodcarving)
WANG Zhiwen (China – Micro calligraphy)
WANG Zuwei (China – Inkstone carving)
XIAO Jianbo (China – Ivory engraving)
ZHONG Liansheng (China – Enamel)
ZOU Liyou (China – Papercut and drawnwork)

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