WCC-APR Award of Excellence – 2024

Previous winners of WCC Award of Excellence from South Pacific

The Biennial Awards of Excellence for Craft are very well known in our neighbouring regions – less well known in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

If you specialise in making production line ware that is of high quality, and unique to your country or region, please consider entering.

Past winners can brand their work as a Winner of the World Crafts Council Award of Excellence and the governing body is constantly looking for opportunities to market and present winners’ works. Winning entries will find a place in the Kokand Museum for craft in Uzbekistan.

Entries are due 10 April 2024.

You can find the form for applications for the Award of Excellence here.

4 thoughts on “WCC-APR Award of Excellence – 2024”

    1. Yes Neil! it would be fantastic for you to apply. It’s Layla here from New Zealand. I’ll send you the link on instagram via Craft New Zealand Aotearoa to get your email. I’ll forward the forms. Or you can click on ‘here’ at on this web page.

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