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  1. I am Jaipur,India based tour operator whose 90% customers
    are Australians on my 3-sector 15-day heritage tours of India.
    375 Aussies have already taken my tours and 148 are more to come
    within 9 months.
    I am a member of SBAA,BusinessSA & soon would be of Australian
    Institute of Company Directors.
    I am interested in joining your organization and deepening my
    relations with Australia. Most Australians buy some handicrafts
    from Jaipur – my city.

  2. Thimote Antoine , a Painter, I am very good in artistic creativity and craftsmanship .I am also very good in the decoration of houses with paint I know how to cope or make mixture of paint.
    I am a Haitian living in northern Haiti .if you to desire someone to work with me to work with you in not going to regret you Thimote Antoine with you .merci Jehovah blessed you

  3. Merhaba, I am a craftswomen in Turkey. And resarch asistant.I weaving carpet. Traditionally metod use. My grandmother teacher me. And, my big imagine =one time, I teach this art, learn want persons on the World. Because, this hand made carpets weaving technic dead in my village and world. But time pass very fast. And my imagine still aliave.
    (I suppose true makeup centenses, because my english not good)

  4. Hello.
    I am saeid marandian hagh from Iran with Resume below
    lecturer of university
    fully authorized representative of world childrens right in iran
    top inventor in iran
    providerof cllass 1 world standard for carpet repairing
    class 1 artist of iran

    I’m the only person in the world who can fix Size differences in handmade rugs
    This can generate a lot of income, jobs and business
    I can’t do that in my own country
    Because copyright in our country is not respected
    Can I get help from you in this field and introduce my work and find an investor?
    thank you

  5. The First International Handicrafters Festival will be held in Kokand, Uzbekistan, 10-15 September 2019. This coincides with the special issue of our Garland magazine on Central Asia.
    Shouldn’t this be dated 2020? Or is this news item out of date?

  6. Hi
    My name is Mueen Saheed I , I am from Sri Lanka , and would like to migrate to Australia under the category “ special talents “
    The ( immigration ) requires a recommendation from art councils / art platforms , or art museums in Australia and recommend my creativity and contribution to art and design
    I would love to take part in social activities in art in Australia and help anyone who may seek my help as “ art is a healer “ and practice art in Australia appreciate your help and assistance in this regard
    Warm regards and be safe
    I have attached my portfolio for your perusal and you may share my details whoever you may feel will look into my contribution to art
    Mueen Saheed


    Mueen Saheed is an established Abstract Narrative Expressionist Painter, Sculptor, Conceptual Architect and Renowned award winning Jewellery Designer .

    Name : Mohamed Mueenudeen Saheed
    Date of birth. 05/10/1960
    Address 165/11 Park road
    Colombo 5
    SRI Lanka

    Tel 0094777747977
    E mail :
    Website :

    Profession : Artist /designer
    Company : Billari art Gallery

    Started as a Jewellery Designer in 1980 to 2007
    Company :
    1. Saheed Jewellers Sri Lanka
    2. Regent-fine Jewels Sri Lanka
    3. Innovation by mueen sdn bud Malaysia
    4. Billari fine jewellery Sri Lanka
    5. Billari art gallery Sri Lanka

    Started Billari art Gallery 2007
    Mueen has participated in many fairs in Malaysia / India / Paris / London / Italy /and Maldives
    He was invited to give a talk at
    1. White ribbon forum Malaysia On GBV
    2. Women’s foreman colombo on GBV
    3. Art Therapy at Jumarah Maldives
    4. Art therapy at Billari art Gallery
    5. Climax festival Bourdeaux France
    6. Motivation talk to students iman international school
    7. Healing through art for Drug Rehabilitation for the government of Sri Lanka 2020
    8. I was invited to compete the Lorenzo Magnifico award in Florence and was placed 5 th in 2019
    My work and style has impressed many world leaders and collectors
    9. I am among the finalist in the entrepreneur of the year award results not realised yet
    10. I am invited for a national award in Sri Lanka “ kala Bhushana “ life time art award 2020
    11. Kala Suri art award 2020
    12. Star of Asia 2020



    Commissioned works for Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort & Spa , over 22 warm-hued canvases are on display at the resort in the lobby, the Bojunhala restaurant and in a select number of premium rooms.
    Commissioned Paintings adorning 212 rooms and 37 displayed at Mansion Club, lobby and restaurant based on the Story of Lankan- Dutch Couple Klass and Nayana for the Lobby and Mansion Club.

    Artwork commissioned by Bordeaux City Museum and signed by 2016 French Presidential candidate Alain Juppe focused on the theme of ocean pollution and the need for ocean protection.

    Artwork commissioned for Balmond Studios inspired by Cecil Balmond’s theory of algorithm. The paintings are currently on display at Balmond studios, Sri Lanka.

    Painting commissioned for President of Sri Lanka marking the completion of one year in office and 100 day program based on the President’s Vision and Policy statement “Compassionate Governance,Stable Country”

    Print Painting accompanied by poem in english “Be a Man by Being a man” to create awareness about Violence against women and advocating for women’s right.

    Poem in Tamil with Painting based on the Gang rape incident which took place in Jaffa and in memory of 18-year-old Vidya who was brutally murdered. The Painting was circulated to schools and other institutions to create awareness on the topic and donated to charity.

    Painting commissioned for Prime Minister of Malaysia Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak marking the celebration of 20th anniversary celebrations of Cheras Umno.

    Painting commissioned for King of Brunei depicting his passion for cars was handed over to him during his brief visit to srilanka for CHOGAM 2013

    Painting commissioned for Prince Charles themed Nine Fourteen to be handed over to Prince of wales during his visit for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting summit held in srilanka in 2013. Another painting Titled “CHOGM 2013” was handed over to the then presiding President of Srilanka Mahida Rajapakse

    Painting commissioned for former President of Srilanka Mahinda Rajapakse Titled “sky” for his efforts in ending the 30 year long war and restoreing peace to Mother Lanka.

    Art Expo Malaysia. 2008
    Geopark Langkawi. 2009
    “SOUL BEAT” Sri Lanka . 2013
    Oxford art show london. 2017
    Art therapy Maldives. 2017
    Art Capital Paris. 2018
    Florence art biennial. 2019

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  7. Hello,
    I am cleaning out my archives and came across about 20 slides/transparencies sent to me by Robyn Malcolm, a well-known WA designer/maker in the 1980s/90s. (I used to have a designer craft outlet in the late ’80s/early ’90s). I could throw them out – they are slides of her work – but they might constitute a useful historical record.

    Any clue as to where I could possibly send them?
    Grateful for your advice,
    Diana Kostyrko

    1. Thanks for this Ingrid. We certainly hope to extend the map to the Blue Mountains in the future. Do let us know if there’s someone we can work with there to do this.

  8. Greetings of the day!
    I have completed my graduation in Textile Design recently. I have always been had keen interest in working with traditional crafts. Would like to know how can I be a member of WCCA. Looking forward to a positive reply for the same, so that I can share my CV and portfolio with you.

    1. You can find details about membership in the menu on your left. We represent Australian crafts. Check out the Sangam Project Facebook group for Indian crafts.

  9. Just wondering how often the fee of $25 should be charged. I paid $25 in December last year and then $25 4/2/22. Is this correct or is it a yearly donation.
    cheers Jane at Zu design

  10. I was wondering if my gallery is suitable to be listed, and how?
    BAROMETER Gallery is an artist run exhibition space.
    With an emphasis on fibre arts, as well as showcasing photography and jewellery. Apart from its role as an exhibition space for hire to textile and craft artists, Barometer also initiates exhibitions from time to time in an effort to address ideas and create dialogue about craft and art and the object making processes.

  11. Im not sure if my business is appropriate for the Australian Craft map. I am a textile conservator and I do work with alot of Australian textiles both contemporary and antique. I also work with contemporary First Nations Screen Print fabrics. Please add me to the map if you think I fit the criteria.

  12. Mary White who was an advisor to the Crafts Council of Australia in the early 1970s in Central Australia. I have seen 1912-1981 as her dates of birth and death, but question whether this DoD is accurate. Do you know anything of Mary’s life please?

  13. Hello,
    I work for The Ian Potter Cultural Trust, a Philanthropic Arts Trust that awards Emerging Artist Grants for individuals to undertake professional development. The Trust funds artists working in all disciplines, including craft.

    We want to increase our applications and support of emerging craft practitioners, so I am reaching out in case this opportunity can be shared with the Craft Council Network. Please see further details in the link provided, and get in touch if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,


  14. Hi,
    we would like to sign up for the membership and the Garland magazine, we have already filled out the form, and would like to pay by bank transfer, but there was no address or other details asked to provide, if you could let us know how the process is it would be great.


  15. about the Artistic handicraft workshops project “Creative Creations”. Artistic handicraft workshops “Creative Creations”. As you can see in the attached photos, the creative work was progressing. The girls spended every free moment weaving their creations. They cared about the precision of creation. The creations was tried on from time to time to check whether everything fits the figure. There was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. 10 girls woved phenomenal creations under the watchful eye of Mrs. Jola! At the end, the participants posed for the session in costumes that they had been weavinded for 2 months! The person responsible for the project and workshops was Jolanta Surma, a teacher at Local Centre of Afterschool Activities in Zlotow in Poland. On Saturday, a unique session tooked place as part of an extremely interesting project by Mrs. Jolanta Surma and the Society of Friends of Children in Zlotow in Poland. Project titled “Creative Creations”—- Macrame Art Jolanta Surma & Halszka Cygan. At the Local Centre of Afterschool Activities in Zlotow in Poland , there was a summary of the very interesting project of Mrs. Jolanta Surma and the Society of Friends of Children in Zlotow in Poland entitled “Creative creations” workshops. 10 girls wove phenomenal creations under the watchful eye of Mrs. Jolanta Surma! The summary was attended by Mrs. Malgorzata Samec, Vice-Starosta of the Zlotow District, Mrs. Alicja Andrzejewska, President of the Society of Friends of Children in Złotow in Poland, and Mrs. Aldona Chamarczuk, Director of the Local Centre of Afterschool Activities in Zlotow in Poland. Maybe in the future there will be joint international cultural and educational cooperation.
    Contact: Jolanta Surma, a teacher at the Local Centre of Afterschool Activities in Zlotow in Poland

  16. Hello,

    I am starting an online sewing business selling courses and potentially doing in person classes as well as products down the track and I wondering you if you have an affiliated insurer that you can recommend?

  17. Hello. I missed Gina’s Zoom session today due to work commitments. Is there any chance it was recorded? Thanks. Donalee Moriarty

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