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  1. I am Jaipur,India based tour operator whose 90% customers
    are Australians on my 3-sector 15-day heritage tours of India.
    375 Aussies have already taken my tours and 148 are more to come
    within 9 months.
    I am a member of SBAA,BusinessSA & soon would be of Australian
    Institute of Company Directors.
    I am interested in joining your organization and deepening my
    relations with Australia. Most Australians buy some handicrafts
    from Jaipur – my city.

  2. Thimote Antoine , a Painter, I am very good in artistic creativity and craftsmanship .I am also very good in the decoration of houses with paint I know how to cope or make mixture of paint.
    I am a Haitian living in northern Haiti .if you to desire someone to work with me to work with you in not going to regret you Thimote Antoine with you .merci Jehovah blessed you

  3. Merhaba, I am a craftswomen in Turkey. And resarch asistant.I weaving carpet. Traditionally metod use. My grandmother teacher me. And, my big imagine =one time, I teach this art, learn want persons on the World. Because, this hand made carpets weaving technic dead in my village and world. But time pass very fast. And my imagine still aliave.
    (I suppose true makeup centenses, because my english not good)

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