You can join World Crafts Council – Australia for an annual subscription of $AUD 25. Membership helps support our activities and keep you in touch with the many opportunities that come through the World Crafts Council network.

You can get a discount of 12% off the cost of the quarterly magazine Garland if you combine membership with a Garland subscription for $AUD 50

This system is set up to use with PayPal. Alternatively, you can send the money via bank transfer:

Account: World Crafts Council Australia Inc
Branch: BSB 063-111
Account number: 1086-1862
If you are paying by bank transfer, please fill in this form so we can put you on our mailing list.

Membership is also available for the World Crafts Council itself.

National Entity Member : Full Membership of the Council is available to two National Entity members per country whose primary purpose is to encourage the crafts and which adopts the principles of the Council and which, in the judgment of the Executive Board, is capable of and willing to carry out its obligations to the Council. A New member entity may be admitted as a national entity only when acceptable to the Regional Organization Only two (2) National Entities from any country may be Members of the Council with full voting privileges. The term “National Entity” shall mean the group, partnership, corporation, association, foundation or other organization within a country, or a governmental office, ministry, or agency within a country which best represents the crafts of such country in the context of WCC Asia Pacific activities. In determining the eligibility of a country for this purpose, the list of countries prepared by UNESCO shall be regarded as authoritative, except as varied by the Asian Pacific Board. Moreover, it was decided that the two national entities should comprise of the government and an active prominent NGO in each country, preferably, the National Crafts Council wherever possible. The timeframe for implementing this decision will be flexible and dependant on the National Entity of each country.

Associate Member : A new member entity may be admitted as a National Associate Member only when acceptable first to the Regional Organization. National Associate Members shall not have voting rights.
International/Regional NGO’s/ Group Member : Pursuant to a recommendation of and terms agreed, the Executive Board may accept for affiliation to WCC-Asia Pacific International and regional Non-Governmental Organizations Exporters / business houses and organizations other than NGOs and government departments, who are sympathetic to the role of crafts in society and operate related programmes. International and Regional NGO Members shall not have voting rights.
Individual Member : An Individual – Member is a person who is practicing craftswoman / craftsman, a worker in the area of crafts, and / or a supporter of crafts and crafts development, and who accepts to promote the principles and objectives of WCC Asia Pacific. Individual members shall not have voting rights.
Student Member : Membership is open for students to encourage their closer engagement in craft development preservation.
For more details, go to the WCC-APR site
The membership form can be downloaded here

15 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. Hello. WCCA

    My name is Woochang Kim
    I am a potter from Korea.

    I’m staying in Australia and making a pottery.
    I am a working holiday visa now. Not Australian.
    Now I live in Sydney.

    Am I eligible to apply?

    1. Dear Woochang Kim,

      Welcome to Australia. You are welcome to apply as a visitor to our country. Thank you for sharing your skills here. We hope it is a good experience for you. Feel free to introduce yourself on our Facebook group.

    1. Thank you for your support of WoCCA. You will now receive a special email newsletter with details of the opportunities that they bring. We look forward to your involvement.

  2. Flower arrangement, particularly evergreens and berries in the northern hemisphere is something I am doing at this time of year. I would like to ask which herbaceous leaves are used in Australian craft.

  3. I have financially supported and promoted the Tom Malone Prize fro the past five years, taking over the patrons role from Liz Malone (founder) in 2017.

    I would like to be considered as an associate member of the WCC. I am interested in what my experience and interest can bring to the WCC in the coming years.

  4. Hi,
    I’m sanjeewanie Dewanarayana from Sri Lanka. I’m member of NCC and WCC.
    I would like to get a individual member ship with your country craft council.
    Thank you.

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