Australian Craft Map

Linomap from BettyJoDesigns on etsy.

Linomap from BettyJoDesigns on etsy.

The Australian Craft Map is a project to collection information and to build a network of craft organisations, associations, guilds, workshops, galleries, museums and suppliers across the country. The principle aim of this project is to demonstrate the breadth of the craft sector across media, region, generation and practice. The benefit of this will be twofold. First, it will demonstrate to government the importance of the craft dimension in Australian culture. Second, it will provide an enabling platform for engagement and exchange.

This is a crowd-sourced project that depends on the contributions from people across the country. The platform consist of two elements: a spreadsheet of craft groups and a Trello platform.
The kinds of activities this will enable include:
  • Advocacy for craft education, collection, heritage and display
  • Sharing information about events of interest
  • Documentation of important Australia crafts.

If you’re an organisation, you can enter your details directly here.

To learn more about this project and volunteer to assist, see this note: