WoCCA supports the Voice

WoCCA President and Australian Living Treasure, Liz Williamson

World Crafts Council Australia supports the proposed Voice to Parliament. We acknowledge the primary status of First Nations peoples as custodians of our land for more than 60,000 years. The crafts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are a unique contribution to our common human heritage. This includes traditional and contemporary objects made by practitioners across the country.

Enshrining the Voice in our constitution means that First Nations peoples will have an enduring say in matters that affect them. Their place in our governing will not depend on the politics of the day. Decisions can be made on what they believe is in their best interests.  This is an act of trust that will offer hope for future generations.

As an organisation that reflects Australia’s place in the common heritage of humanity, we are grateful to be living in a country with this ancient culture that continues to flourish today. We support the Voice.

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