Ceramics craft cooee – 7 May 2024 5pm AEST

Aaron Angell, Maximalist ceramics  Pie #1, 2020


Join us in a discussion about the contemporary state of ceramics.

Tuesday 7 May at 3pm (AWST) and 5pm (AEST). Register here

Are ‘beauty’ and ‘ugly’ terms that have meaning in terms of contemporary craft?

Or is the term ‘sloppy craft’ more apt?

Is ‘sloppy craft’ something to consider as a vehicle to express societal activism, indigeneity, gender disparity and the reversal of traditional roles associated with craft?

Is parody and self-conscious naivety more relevant in today’s world than caring about refinement, finish, elegance, gracefulness, stylishness and ‘good taste’?

What are some of the ramifications of this shift?

What is the future for the field of ceramics?

Bernard Kerr is a West Australian ceramicist and convenor of the Australia Ceramics Triennale in 2025.

Fleur Schell is a successful ceramicist working in porcelain. Her work captures our imagination through her playful yet highly technical porcelain characters and settings.

Janet DeBoos has taught across many institutions and was recently Head of Ceramics at ANU School of Art. She has also run a production pottery, written/co-authored three books on ceramic glazes, worked within the industry in China & Italy and has written numerous articles for Australian and international ceramics journals on ceramic art practice, education and glaze technology.

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