Who are the craft masters of our region?

Australian Living Treasure, silversmith Marian Hosking

A successful craft nation depends on those who have fulfilled a successful career and are able to pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation. A program to recognise these “masters” aims to support these senior makers as models to which younger makers can aspire. This recognition offers a base on which to build support for the mentorship of those who are early in their career.

There are so many ways we celebrate our master sportsmen and women, as well as film actors. It’s important we also recognise those whose beautiful and skillfully made works will be enjoyed by future generations.

World Crafts Council Asia Pacific is calling for applications from the South Pacific sub-region to the Craft Master Program. The aim is to recognise and honour masters in their chosen craft form.

Initiated in 2008, the Asia Pacific Region Craft Master program has organized three evaluations respectively in 2008, 2012 and 2016. It is organized every 4 years. Due to the pandemic, the 4th evaluation has been postponed to the year of 2023.

This program was proposed to

  1. honour the craftspeople who have made outstanding contributions to the development of crafts in the region, and to promote their social status in local society
  2. to provide opportunities for craftspeople from different countries of the region to exchange ideas and experiences, and to enhance international awareness of craft tradition in the Asia Pacific Region
  3. to encourage more talented people to join in the work of passing on, promoting, and developing the handicraft tradition in the region.

Qualifications of applicants

  • Handicrafts practitioner
  • The person must have a minimum of 30-year experience in handicrafts production
  • Applicants must be above the age of 50 (including 50), are still able to create and teach artworks

Judging criteria

  • Applicant must be an experienced and accomplished craft practitioner.  
  • Applicant made excellent achievements and earned a high reputation at home and abroad. 
  • Applicant’s work/s must have been acknowledged and received awards for works in national craft competitions or exhibitions. 
  • Applicant’s work/s must have been selected to be displayed in national-level museums and galleries or at international exhibitions. 
  • Applicant must show proof of teaching and training the skills of their craft.

60 finalists from the Asia Pacific Region will be nominated by their respective regions (10 from our region the South Pacific) and 30 finalists will be flown to Donyang China for the Awards Ceremony. Applications for consideration by the Jury are due by 5 April 2023. A jury will be formed comprising suitably qualified experts to select ten finalists.

China will host accommodation and airfares for 30 masters to Dongyang, China plus several artworks and necessary tools submitted for final evaluation for the awards ceremony. Selected artists are requested to do some live demonstrations (details worked out following selection). Invitations will go out by April 16 for a ceremony in early June.

You can find the form here.

Enquiries to Lindy Joubert or Jude van der Merwe

27. February 2023
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