Robert Bell retires from National Gallery of Australia

b6klc3luAfter 50 years in the field of Australian craft, Robert Bell has announced his retirement as Senior Curator of Decorative Arts at the National Gallery of Australia. Few people have contributed as much to this national art form. His tireless advocacy for studio craft practice has ensured that the National Gallery of Australia contains some of the best craft work made in our country. This is a critical legacy for future generations, as they look back at what we achieved in our time here. We wish him a fruitful and healthy retirement.

One thought on “Robert Bell retires from National Gallery of Australia”

  1. I have 3 pods made by a nsw potter can I send a photo for further information I reside in Melbourne but had plans to contact Robert Bell who has retired. There were 4 at alocal council gallery as part of there collection but not helpful in helping. they were more interested when they asked if I would like to donate several years ago.hoping someone can give me direction. Mrs R Bird

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